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To dear grandma

My grandma passed on at the end of Oct. I feel her presence strongly today so I'd like to speak with her in writing.

Dear grandma,

Thank you for coming by. I miss you. I feel your sadness. Why are you sad? I understand that you care for me and I deeply appreciate you brought me up -- you were like a mother to me. I am glad that I was not there in the hospital when you passed on because for me you're not the corpse that decays and vanishes. You're an eternal spiritual being that shines brilliant light that brings inspiration to people.

I understand you're worried about dad. I pray for his health, happiness, fitness and prosperity. He is much loved and deserves the best in life.

I love you, grandma. We're still together. Our love for each other will always unite us.

Gender confusion

I really like to play the hunky guy when I'm with a girl and to interact with guys as a man. Deep down, I'd like to be a guy psychologically and sexually.

Fill my life with enthusiasm!

It helps to uplift me when I foresee the future with joy, when I project a sense of accomplishment, celebration and gratitude into the future and embrace these feelings NOW! It fills me with energy, enthusiasm, and endless joy!

I'm proud of being a woman. I love my femininity: it's nurturing, gentle, reassuring, exciting, playful and sexy. I like expressing these feminine qualities and sharing them with friends I hold dear to my heart.

True success for me is a state of consciousness that expresses itself as gratitude, oneness, love, contentment, happiness, peace, equilibrium of giving and receiving, abundance, playfulness and stillness.

My first day ... hahaha, I love it !!!

I love Live Journal. This is my little adventure and I enjoy every minute of it !!!
I'm learning to open my heart to joy, to express my gratitude from deep within my heart and to share them with other sentient beings.
I find true peace by knowing with absolute certainty in my heart that nothing can block me from God's love.
I have developed qualities of perseverance, patience and true love in the most difficult time in my life. I cherish them and put them into good use. I'm happy and content. I look forward to happy surprises as each day unfolds. :)

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